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las vegas desert engagement | alicia & braden

Kate Botwinski Photography, Destination Engagement Photographers, Las Vegas Wedding Photographer, Minneapolis Wedding Photographers, Las Vegas Engagement, Desert Engagement Session, Kate Botwinski

When Braden and Alicia said they were up for a Las Vegas desert engagement session, we quickly got on the same page. The desert is one of our all time favorite destinations to make photographs, and after one evening with Braden and Alicia, they were quickly at the top of our list of favorite people. It was sure to be a match made in desert heaven. We met up in Las Vegas and shared a few whiskeys and martinis, and off we went to explore in the desert; wide open spaces and a sunny evening made for an ideal backdrop. There’s something about those dusty roads and golden rays of light that amplify the romantic feel of an engagement. Braden and Alicia are so genuinely great, they are a Minnesota couple that we wholeheartedly can call our friends. They love hockey, they work hard, and enjoy their time together no matter where their jobs and social life take them. We are so looking forward to watching them become husband and wife this Fall in Minnesota. Thank you for choosing us to tell your story, Alicia and Braden! Love to you!

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{sneak peek} vegas desert engagement | alicia & braden

Kate Botwinski Photography, Las Vegas Desert Engagement, Las Vegas Photographers, Destination Wedding Photographers, Minnesota Wedding Photography, Vegas Desert Engagement, Kate Botwinski

When Alicia and Braden met with us in Minnesota, one of the first things they said is that they would like their engagement session to take place in the Las Vegas desert. This is by far one of our favorite locations to photograph, so we quickly got on the same page. We love Alicia and Braden, and the evening we shared in the windy desert a few weeks ago. We can’t wait to photograph their wedding in October, and share more photos from this destination session soon!


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{sneak peek} nevada engagement | jessica & steve

Kate Botwinski Photography, Las Vegas Wedding Photographers, Destination Wedding Photographers, Las Vegas Desert Engagement, Air Force Wedding Photographers, Military Photographer, Minneapolis Wedding Photographers

Do you see that joy above on our good friend Steve’s face? He’s getting married to Jessica in a few months, and we couldn’t be happier for this couple.

She’s perfect for him. They are devoted to each other, and living life to the fullest together. We couldn’t hope for anyone better for our friend to share his life with. Jessica is clearly beautiful, but she is also full of life and determination, just like Steve. It was such a happy engagement session for us because they laughed nonstop as the desert rain soaked all of us! Some couples would have called the session off, but they braved the Nevada desert rain and chillier temperatures, and we made the most of it together. We loved the results with them. Congratulations Steve and Jessica!!

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{sneak peek} azul beach mexico wedding | jamie & kyle

Kate Botwinski Photography, Destination Wedding Photographer, Azul Beach Weddings, Azul Beach Resort & Spa, Mexico Wedding Photographers, Riviera Maya Weddings, Kate Botwinski, Jamie Bullock, Kyle Dolder

What a beautiful start to our year of 2015 weddings! We kicked off the year with Jamie and Kyle by photographing their Azul Beach Hotel in Riviera Maya, Mexico wedding. You can see that Kyle and Jamie are stunning people, but what you can’t see is that they’re just as incredible on the inside. It was a pleasure to photograph these newlyweds, their families, and the special group of guests that traveled to be with them!

We’ll be sharing more photos from this destination wedding as our new blog launches in the upcoming weeks!

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destination trash the dress | allison & troy

Kate Botwinski Photography, Trash the Dress, Destination Wedding Photographers, Destination Photographer, Walkers Landing Plantation Photographers, Amelia Island Wedding Photographers, Omni Amelia Island Resort

It was a quiet morning at the Omni Amelia Island Resort. The sun was hazy behind the clouds which hung over the ocean, and casted a perfect shades of pastel skies for our Trash the Dress session. Allison and Troy were married the night before at the gorgeous Walkers Landing Plantation, and we marveled at the way these newlyweds looked under the swaying Spanish Moss branches that canopied all around the venue. It was a wedding day filled with joy, and so fun to photograph, but we couldn’t wait to have this morning with them on a wide open beachfront. There’s something so dreamy about simplicity; about a new husband and wife, on the first day of their married life, ready to run full force into the ocean and just let go of all of the planning, hosting, and rehearsing. It was a few minutes to just “be” and we loved making images of these moments.

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{sneak peek} fargo engagement | katelin & andy

Kate Botwinski Photography, Fargo Wedding Photographer, Destination Wedding Photographers, Minneapolis Wedding Photographer, Husband and Wife Film Photographers, Fargo North Dakota Photography

She was gorgeous in her pink tule skirt, and poppy bright lips. He was sweet and funny, and kept his Katelin laughing throughout this whole session. Katelin and Andrew’s Fargo engagement session had us swooning. We photographed them around town, and on the NDSU campus, where they spend their days as a grad student, lacrosse coach, college senior, and dance team captain. We loved our day in Fargo with this fun-loving couple, and there’s more to come!

Congratulations Katelin and Andrew!

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{sneak peek} nashville cedarwood wedding | beth & sean

Kate Botwinski Photography, Cedarwood Weddings, Cedarwood Weddings Nashville, Cedarwood Weddings Photographer, Destination Wedding Photographers, Nashville Wedding Photographers, Nashville Weddings

Start with the most magical, romantic wedding that you’ve ever envisioned, add family and friends who travelled many miles to celebrate the marriage of a man and woman coming together… and as a bonus, throw in gorgeous florals, a BHLDN dress, a golden Nashville evening, a fresh meal under the stars, a dessert room displaying a dozen different cheesecakes, a live blue grass band, a talented live evening band, a sparkler send off, and more…

To say that Bethany and Sean’s wedding was “beautiful” is a huge understatement. This day was every girl’s dream. Cedarwood Weddings is an incredible wedding venue nestled just outside of Nashville Tennessee, and set the tone for such a memorable celebration. Although we believe that Sean could have married Bethany absolutely anywhere (and it would have been perfect), this was an unforgettable wedding day. Congratulations Bethany and Sean! Thank you for asking us to capture these moments.

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{sneak peek} pratt gardens wedding | colette & dave

Kate Botwinski Photography, Pratt Gardens Wedding, Destination Wedding Photographers, New Jersey Wedding Photographers, Autumn Weddings, Minnesota Wedding Photographer

Colette and Dave’s New Jersey wedding at Pratt Gardens was fun to photograph! This couple has been through more hoops than anyone deserves to have to jump through in the wedding planning process. It was a real joy to see everything come together for them as they became husband and wife. Dave is a bit of a master in woodworking, so naturally, he built their wedding bar, centerpieces, ring box, and more, and Colette has impeccable vision (and she was also quickly on board for a barefoot wedding day!). This day was filled with big laughs and rustic style. Congratulations Dave and Colette!

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{sneak peek} amelia island wedding | ally & troy

Kate Botwinski Photography, Walker's Landing Wedding, Walker's Landing Amelia Island Plantation, Amelia Island Wedding Photographers, Destination Wedding Photographers, Omni Amelia Island Plantation Resort wedding

The Spanish moss hung over them like a canopy as Ally and Troy laughed and cried their way through their vows, telling each other all of the ways they love one another. We are honored to have photographed the Giovanini/Jeffers wedding at Walker’s Landing Amelia Island Plantation, where family and friends traveled long distances to celebrate this joyful couple. It was a charming destination wedding, and the happiness that Troy and Ally radiated was truly contagious.

Happy Honeymooning Ally & Troy!

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chicago engagement photographers | karen & ken engaged

Kate Botwinski Photography, Destination Wedding Photographers, Chicago Engagement Session, Chicago Engagement Photographers, Film Photography, Husband and Wife Wedding Photographers, Minneapolis Film Photographers, Kate Botwinski, Sam Botwinski, Kodak Film Photography

We hope you can instantly feel how adorable Karen and Ken are together, like we could when we first met them. They have this sweet, sincere bond that is rare to find. We are grateful for the warm Chicago afternoon we spent taking these photos with them, getting to know their love story, and now we’re looking ahead to their wedding downtown in a few short weeks!

Karen and Ken, you’re beautiful. Thank you for asking us to photograph this journey you’re on together!

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