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2013 kate botwinski photography engagements

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One of our favorite experiences with our clients is getting to spend an evening together during their engagement session. This past year, we kicked off our engagement sessions in a blizzard, the most beautiful blizzard with Lauren and Evan. We traveled up to Eagle River in Wisconsin for another breathtaking snowfall session, down to Madison where Nadia and Brock had fallen in love with each other, and out to Clear Lake, Iowa to Stu and Kara’s family cottage. We ventured out on canoes with Rachel and Bryan in Minnesota, and cheered as Andrea and Gary took a leap off the docks into Lake DuBay in Central Wisconsin! We photographed our couples in fields, apple orchards, state parks, hidden little alleys in towns we had only ever passed by, on the docks, in homes, and we ended our year of engagement sessions with Bethany and Sean on their family’s land, bursting with Fall color. Read More

2013 kate botwinski photography weddings

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The past year was packed full with in love couples, vows, travel, beautiful venues, incredible florals, sweet and sappy families (just the way we like them!), a few rooftop parties, backyard ceremonies, art gallery celebrations, and A LOT of film. Read More

this is what following your heart looks like | real life

We’re officially back. In case you missed our wild (but reasonable) announcement, we dropped it all and listened to our hearts. We trusted our guts big time, and in the same day that we felt it, we put our Colorado house on the market. Even in this economy, it sold in THIRTY DAYS. Exactly. Do you think it was fate? Us too. We packed up our house, our business, our pup, and with the help of a best friend, Mom, and Brother, we were on our way to (really) sell our dream home. We didn’t dwell on the fact that we were saying good-bye to our first home, and we definitely didn’t regret our decision for two seconds. We just knew that we had to be where we were going… Read More

announcement | back to our roots!!

The boxes are almost all packed now. The list of companies we have to change our address with is rapidly growing. The feelings of excitement are starting to set in now. We don’t need a map or a gps. That’s not necessary because we’ve driven this route many times over (and don’t all roads lead you home anyway?). That is right friends, WE ARE MOVING!!! Read More

in love with a place | san francisco

“You could blindfold me and drive me into the middle of this city and sit me down. I could tell you exactly where I am. There is just something different about the air here. The sounds. My whole being is happy.” Read More

the bigger purpose | photographs

Recently, it became clear to us why we do what we do. We always knew… we always knew that we wanted to provide our clients with an experience that they couldn’t get anywhere else. We wanted our clients be able to hang beautiful art pieces of themselves in their home. We really wanted to help couples enjoy that amazing period of their lives- the months of engagement, the celebrations of marriage. It has always been important to us that we would also be a source of joy on what can be a sometimes stressful day. Read More

colorado happy | from keystone mountain

Today was really something. Today is why we moved to Colorado. Today is why we purchased our first home without ever seeing it, and never looked back. Our hearts are fuller than we ever knew they could be. We are surrounded with such beauty, and that only inspires us to create more, to love harder, and to speak gratitude. Read More

for the new year | from the heart

Ready or not, 2012 is HERE in a few hours! I have always loved this day of the year, New Year’s Eve has always been a big deal to me. I love a reason to celebrate, especially when we’re talking about a worldwide celebration!!! There is nothing like it. As a little girl, my brother and I would stay up and watch the ball drop on TV in New York City. I think my eyes were bulging out of my head. The confetti. The countdown. The cheers. The way people from near and far all pack the streets of the city until you can no longer see the pavement. The millions of people kissing all at once, as if to say, “It’s a new year. It’s a new me. Kiss me now!” The hope of a new year and a chance to start over. Doesn’t it feel amazing? I think I can remember every single New Year’s Eve night since I was four years old. I simply love this night. I get excited over sparkles, sequins, silver and gold. A packed tavern or a cuddly spot on the couch, it’s all so wonderful to me. Read More

freedom | our life

What does Veteran’s Day mean to you? In this house, we are thankful for our country, our safety, freedom, and more than any of it, the AMAZING people that provide comfort and safety to us. We are personally lucky to call many of these soldiers and pilots friends and family. We hear the stories first hand, and we get the emails with photos from war. Our hearts are broken, but our hearts are stronger for it. We are more more grateful for daily living because of it. We want to hug harder and cheer louder for those that are brave enough to stand up for our country. Read More

this is living | our life

When people ask, “Why Colorado?” I think it’s really easy to answer, “Why NOT Colorado? Have you ever been?” There are truly probably seventy-five legit answers to that question, but really, what it comes down to, is this: Colorado is where our hearts are. It is a place that makes our souls at peace, a place that seriously inspires us to explore, and probably the only place that makes us WANT to wake up before the sun is high in the sky. {The above photo is taken from our client office. Does it get any better?} Read More

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