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destination trash the dress | allison & troy

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It was a quiet morning at the Omni Amelia Island Resort. The sun was hazy behind the clouds which hung over the ocean, and casted a perfect shades of pastel skies for our Trash the Dress session. Allison and Troy were married the night before at the gorgeous Walkers Landing Plantation, and we marveled at the way these newlyweds looked under the swaying Spanish Moss branches that canopied all around the venue. It was a wedding day filled with joy, and so fun to photograph, but we couldn’t wait to have this morning with them on a wide open beachfront. There’s something so dreamy about simplicity; about a new husband and wife, on the first day of their married life, ready to run full force into the ocean and just let go of all of the planning, hosting, and rehearsing. It was a few minutes to just “be” and we loved making images of these moments. Read More

trash the dress photographers | nikita & derek in jamaica

Nikita and Derek’s destination wedding was so beautiful. We didn’t think it could get any better, until we met back up with them the following day for their Day After session. You know how people sometimes ask, “If you were stuck on an island and you could only bring two things…” Our answer: Derek and Nikita, hands down. They’re the best couple to make memories with on an island. We could have just lived in this session forever. Read More

newlyweds trashing the dress | katie & eric

These sincere newlyweds had just honeymooned, and started getting back into the swing of “real life” when they reached out to us. Although they had just gotten married, they wanted more photos together, they wanted a collection of images that were sweet and real, and casual, and just them being them as husband and wife. Read More

{sneak peek} fall trash the dress | katie & eric

This one is tough for us. We may have far too many images that we want to share from Katie and Eric’s Trash the Dress session, and narrowing them down has turned out to be quite the task. The evening was GORGEOUS. It felt like Fall. A time for teal scarves, tall grass, boots, and yummy light. Katie was stunning, and we could tell that that’s just naturally her. And Eric, well Eric was charming and SO easy to photograph. We are ecstatic to share more photos here soon… Read More

sailboat trash the dress | meghan & jerry

A trash the dress session on a sailboat at sunset on the St. Croix River was just as magical as it sounds. Meghan and Jerry were high school sweethearts, and after four years of marriage, Meghan was ready to wear her wedding dress again and set sail on the water. We enjoyed some perfect end of summer weather, an orange sunset, and the evening with a couple that was ready for a good time! Jerry showed us his sailing skills and Meghan was his adorable first mate. Read More

{sneak peek} trash the dress | meghan & jerry

When these high school sweethearts contacted us requesting a Trash the Dress session on a sailboat, we couldn’t wait to meet them. Meghan and Jerry love the calm, serene beauty that can be enjoyed on the lake. Recently, Jerry learned to sail, so it was only right that we headed out on the sailboat for sunset! Read More

trash the dress | sara & dave

We were driving to this Trash the Dress session feeling completely stoked about the couple that we were about to photograph.  We already adored Sara and Dave.  We also knew that they were just as excited about booking us for their Trash the Dress session as they were about having us photograph their wedding day.  So, we felt as though we wanted to give them the world during our time together.  As we were driving to the session, I said to Sam, “Let’s make this the BEST photo session we’ve ever had.  Let’s make the prettiest photos ever for Sara and Dave.  Something that will blow them away. They are beautiful and we need to bring their love forward in our images.”  (He was all for it. Obviously.)  With our mission being: prettiest photos ever, the four of us set out on a two hour adventure.  We loved every second of that evening. Read More

sneak peek trash the dress | sara & dave

We photographed a Trash the Dress session with Sara and Dave earlier this week and honestly, we were oozing with joy over these two.  We can’t wait to share their session with you next week.  It was whimsical and beautiful and everything a newlywed session should be.  Photographing Dave and Sara’s intimate Minnesota wedding was a treat, but seeing them again… ah!  They’ve only gotten better (and more flirtatious) with a few months of marriage. Read More

destination photography | las vegas desert 2

I love cowboy boots.  I love shiny statement necklaces. I love the simplicity and chasing after soft light… which means that this photoshoot ranks up at the top of any session or location that I have photographed.  Adding to this perfect equation, my heart was exploding as I interacted with Megan and Wagner.  They are each gorgeous people and their adorable out-takes of laughter just made my day.  More from my Vegas desert photoshoot… Read More

destination photography | las vegas desert

The desert.  Amazing light.  One breathtaking girl, accompanied by a beautiful man.  I was in heaven while I was making photos of Megan and Wagner.  We found ourselves outside of Las Vegas in the middle of nowhere- and there is absolutely nowhere else I would have rather been. Read More

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